The Cat and the Bear

The Cat and the Bear
Charlie and his bear pal!

Ex-Pat to Re-Pat

Welcome to my countdown to repatriation!

After living in Athens, Greece for the lion's share of two decades I am on my way back to settle again in the land of my birth, Wales. I have a cat so that makes things a bit more complicated. Those of you in the same boat will know that you need a pet passport to take a pet into the UK, and that procedure takes at least 7 months. So, I decided to get the major removal upheaval over with and left Athens in January to winter on the island of Corfu. This is where my Greek odyssey began so I am very happy to have this chance to 'close the circle'.

So far I have focused on enjoying Corfu but the days are flying by and my mind is turning more and more towards Wales. This is starting to bring up issues and concerns about living in a new country. Yes, despite the fact that I was born in Wales and have visited regularly, after all this time of living away, it will be rather 'foreign' to me. I suppose that fellow ex-pats will appreciate more than anyone else what I am talking about. I would be very happy to hear from you!!

Thanks everyone for your encouragement so far in this adventure!
Love and light!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Sun with teeth, Jamie Oliver and Martians - 58 days and counting!

After storms and high winds the sunshine is back – but it is “sun with teeth” as the Greeks put it; and they are right, it really is biting cold. But I did get my walk on the beach today and yesterday and, wrapped up well with a hat pulled right down over my ears, it was great.

As I walked I thought about how I can expect lots of this cold, windy weather in Wales. I remember almost crying with the pain in my ears from that very thing on many an occasion. I have with me the ear muffs I grabbed when they came into fashion one year and have never let out of my possession. I wore them once in January here but not since. It also brought up memories of iced up car door locks and windows. I remember bringing a can of de-icer to Athens. I never used it and finally threw it away. And oh, what about the joys of shovelling snow? Another winter treat to look forward to! Moving on…

I have been watching more television here than in Athens. I am following a cooking series featuring UK chef Jamie Oliver. I had heard his name but knew nothing about him. Now I know why some friends in the UK like him. I do too. His cooking is homely using lots of organic veggies from his garden. It is inspiring me and making me look forward to having a garden again. In Athens I had two balconies which I lined with plants in pots. Some grew quite tall. I miss them… Anyway, as I said, I like Jamie Oliver’s recipes and attitude. And when he uses dead flesh – I am a vegetarian and that’s what it is to me, I just watch something else until he gets back to, say, the dessert to follow that main course. (Just lurve desserts!)

So, now I have filled in the blanks below the name: Jamie Oliver. But! This is just one person and there are, well, hundreds at least that I know nothing about; not even their names. For instance, when it comes to music, someone in the UK will say things like, “Oh, I really like the new Moby CD,” and I’ve had to reply, “Moby? Don’t know them.” It was my brother who alerted me to this band years ago and I have since heard them, and I did know their music but just didn’t know their name. This is because on the radio in Athens, they usually don’t say who the artist is when they play the track. So, I know the music but not the name. So… mega gap in my knowledge which has already had people looking at me as if I’m a Martian. I can look forward to many more weird looks I’m sure…

I hope all is well in your world and that no one is giving you weird looks!

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