The Cat and the Bear

The Cat and the Bear
Charlie and his bear pal!

Ex-Pat to Re-Pat

Welcome to my countdown to repatriation!

After living in Athens, Greece for the lion's share of two decades I am on my way back to settle again in the land of my birth, Wales. I have a cat so that makes things a bit more complicated. Those of you in the same boat will know that you need a pet passport to take a pet into the UK, and that procedure takes at least 7 months. So, I decided to get the major removal upheaval over with and left Athens in January to winter on the island of Corfu. This is where my Greek odyssey began so I am very happy to have this chance to 'close the circle'.

So far I have focused on enjoying Corfu but the days are flying by and my mind is turning more and more towards Wales. This is starting to bring up issues and concerns about living in a new country. Yes, despite the fact that I was born in Wales and have visited regularly, after all this time of living away, it will be rather 'foreign' to me. I suppose that fellow ex-pats will appreciate more than anyone else what I am talking about. I would be very happy to hear from you!!

Thanks everyone for your encouragement so far in this adventure!
Love and light!

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Goodbye Darling Charlie

Hello dear friend,

It is some years since I last wrote but this time it is with a very heavy heart and a great deal of sadness because it is to let you know that my beloved cat Charlie passed away on Wednesday 9th March at 11.11 am…

The only good thing I can say about that is that he enjoyed the freedom I wrote about in my last blog for about 4 years and 10 months. And for that I am more grateful than I, the writer even, can express. Those of you who live in apartments or flats where your cats have restricted movement will understand and empathize with what I am saying.

When I decided to bring Charlie to the UK he was already just turned 12 – which is quite elderly for a cat. But I told myself that even if he only got a couple of months of running around outside then it would be worth the trouble and expense. So put that against almost 5 years and you will understand my gratitude.

But. And unfortunately there is a huge BUT in this story. He could have had longer…

So I just want to warn you that if your cat has both thyroid and kidney problems, which seems to be quite common in older cats, be VERY CAREFUL when using medication. And NEVER allow a vet who has only seen a blood test not examined your animal to prescribe medication for them.

To tell you that I am devastated that Charlie is gone is the understatement of the year.

Goodbye my darling tigery boy, star of this blog, I miss you more than words can say…

Tears and kisses, Teresa 



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